Who we are

Mozawala Consultancy FZE is a leading UAE corporate services firm, delivering comprehensive business solutions and assisting its clients in establishing and expanding their business. Our team consists of fully bilingual expert advisors who have been assisting clients for many years in structuring, setting up and efficiently running their operations in the UAE. Mozawala’s experienced team and extensive local knowledge allows it to deliver end-to-end services with speed and accuracy.
Our client base includes local and international private equity firms, pension funds, law firms, financial institutions, corporations, family businesses, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, for the long-term.

Our understanding of the sector in which we do business is deep and nuanced. This specialised expertise helps find solutions for our clients and facilitate their operations. We are rigorous in seeking the best answer, not just the one that is most readily accepted. With the benefit of true expert knowledge and practical experience, we can deliver more thoughtful, creative and powerful work.

What we do

At Mozawala Consultancy FZE we are your one stop shop for all corporate services in the UAE. We understand all the intricacies involved in doing business in the UAE. In particular, Mozawala’s team specialises in a wide range of services including:

Corporate formation
and establishing commercial presence in the UAE

Corporate structuring
and local regulatory practices

Share and asset
transfers in the UAE

Corporate governance requirements

In tandem with our onshore licensed business partners, we procure the provision of comprehensive solutions throughout the UAE in relating to our client’s existing and intended operations including in connection with their constitutional documents, licensing requirements, filings, translations, notarisations, attestations and general administrative and PRO services. We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice.

Job opportunities

Our professional team members are key to the success of our business. If you would like to search for opportunities with our team, please send your CV to info@mozawala.com

Core values

We recognise that the reputation of our firm is vital to our success and we all have a duty to preserve and grow it for the long term.
Everything we do is driven by our values.

We are determined to perform an outstanding job in a timely manner.

We are passionate about helping our clients deliver their strategies

We are committed to work hard, smart and fast but without compromising the quality.

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